Concurrent Enrollment

Procedure and Deadlines for Concurrent Enrollment Classes

Spring 2018 Registration:

October 18th – November 10th



Date:  Wednesday October 18th

Time:  6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Place: Silver Creek High School, 4901 Nelson Rd, Longmont, CO 80503

All students interested in participating in CE and their parents MUST attend this mandatory informational meeting with Mr. Sardinia. This meeting is REQUIRED for all students, whether they are new to CE or continuing/returning CE students. 

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 Please PRINT and carefully FOLLOW all the steps on the checklist below:

Printable Student Concurrent Enrollment Checklist

Concurrent Enrollment allows APEX juniors and seniors to enroll in courses at Colorado public institutions of higher education. The intent of the program is two-fold: (1) to provide students with opportunities for additional academic challenge and rigor, and (2) to offer an alternative educational setting which may stimulate interest and motivation in learning. Tuition is paid by the student’s school district when the courses count toward high school graduation. Qualified public school students enrolled in the 11th or 12th grade who are not more than 21 years of age may participate. Students must demonstrate college readiness either by Community College Placement Test (CCPT) scores or ACT/SAT scores.

APEX students enrolled in CE courses must also be enrolled in a minimum of three classes at an APEX site weekly and may be enrolled in Study Hall for other periods as needed. Student schedules and study hall requests must be approved by the APEX Program Director. Please contact Kim Lancaster at

NOTE:  Incoming juniors must be enrolled at APEX for one semester prior to being approved for participation in Concurrent Enrollment. This waiting period may be waived for incoming seniors at the discretion of the APEX Program Director and high school counselor.

Link to St. Vrain’s CE Webpage 

APEX High School Counselor

Michael Sardinia

Hours by appointment only


phone: (720) 494-3721 ext. 45735.

The district will pre-pay your tuition minus Colorado Opportunity Fund (COF) up to two courses per semester.  All classes and alternates MUST be pre-approved by the APEX Counselor and Principal. Any student receiving a D or F, withdrawing after the drop date, or who receives an Incomplete, will be held responsible (along with parent/guardian) for repayment of tuition.  The student will not be approved for future courses until the balance is paid in full.   Payments can be made using the District’s RevTrak system ( ) or he/she may pay in person by check or cash at the Learning Services Center, 401 So. Pratt Parkway, Stacy Judson in the Assessment, Curriculum, and Instruction Office.   The District is not responsible for payment of any additional fees other than tuition. Additional fees owed to the college must be paid directly to the college and are the student’s responsibility.

Fees for college classes must be paid directly to the college. The District is not responsible for payment of any additional fees other than tuition.  Course related book materials and fees will NOT be reimbursed.  DO NOT PAY THE COLLEGE FOR TUITION CREDITS!

How to Apply for Concurrent Enrollment (CE) 

**If you do not complete all steps your application will not be processed and you will not be approved!**


  1. Click the link above and read ALL information on the St. Vrain CE website
  2. MANDATORY INFORMATIONAL MEETING! You must attend the meeting listed above. Please sign up now.
  3. Before you can complete the online form you must get your SASID (state ID) number from your APEX site.
  4. NEW CE STUDENTS FOR SPRING 2018: Meet with Michael Sardinia, APEX High School Counselor to discuss your college and career plans  and bring your completed Concurrent Enrollment Student Worksheetsign-up-now2
  5. CONTINUING CE STUDENTS FROM FALL 2017: You are not required to meet with Michael Sardinia. You can select “yes” that you have met with your counselor.
  6. Go to the Front Range or CU website to help identify the classes you’d like to take and write down the department and number of the class(es). You can choose two classes plus two alternates.
  7. Begin Online Registration. Read the first page and make sure you have the required info. Read the agreement page completely and then select “I understand”.
  8. Answer “Yes” if you have spoken to someone at APEX about your course request(s)
  9. In the first box you must write a major or a career you’re interested in.
  10. You must list the class(es) that you’re requesting to take for the upcoming semester. Please select up to two classes and up to two alternates. VERY IMPORTANT: if you have schedule conflicts and NONE of your approved classes work, you MUST speak to the APEX Program Director or the High School Counselor prior to enrolling in a different class or that class may not be paid for!
  11. The next page is your biographical data. For the College ID, if you have applied to Front Range or CU, you should have received an S number, please enter that. If you have not yet applied to FRCC or CU, leave that blank.
  12. If you are a male, it will ask if you have registered with selective services. If you haven’t, and you are 17 years, 11 months or older, you must be registered before you can begin your class or classes.
  13. On the next page, select if you want to pay your own tuition (this will rarely be the case)
  14. List the CE course that your are requesting for the upcoming semester. Click submit when completed.
  15. VERY IMPORTANT – MAKE SURE YOUR EMAIL IS CORRECT! You will be sent an email with an attachment of your Concurrent Enrollment form. You must print that application, sign it and have a parent sign and then turn it in to your APEX site by the deadline. YOUR APPLICATION WILL NOT BE PROCESSED UNLESS YOU COMPLETE THIS STEP!
  16. Please be sure that you have completed the application for the College Opportunity Fund (COF) College Opportunity Fund (COF Application)

Important Note – Students must demonstrate readiness for college level course work through a valid Community College Placement Test (CCPT) or ACT/SAT score prior to registering for and beginning the courses selected. Scores will be submitted directly to the school you are enrolling in prior to the beginning of the semester. Scores are not due by the registration deadline.

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