High School

The APEX Program offers many opportunities for High School students in grades 9-12. Students attend classes on our regular class days to fill in those courses that may be difficult for parent to teach at home like Pre-Calculus, Chemistry, Choir and many more. In addition, APEX students can enroll in the Concurrent Enrollment program that allows them to dual enroll in college and high school, earning both their high school diploma and credits toward their college education – all at no cost!* Students have access to classes at community colleges and well as some of Colorado’s four year universities. In addition, students can take advantage of some exceptional vocational opportunities at St. Vrain’s Career Development Center. APEX  also has a high school counselor on staff who helps guide students as they prepare for college and through the college admissions process. We also offer National Honor Society and a Block Letter program that allows students to be recognized for outstanding academic achievement and citizenship.

Students enrolled in high school with APEX will earn one high school credit for each full-year classes they take and will be issued a transcript at the end of each school year. However, students are not eligible to graduate from the St. Vrain district nor do they receive a St. Vrain diploma because their primary means of education remains home school. Parents are responsible to verify that coursework completed is adequate for their student’s college entrance requirements. Parents are encouraged to contact colleges and universities directly to determine entrance and coursework requirements as they plan their student’s high school course of study. Each year, APEX hosts a graduation ceremony, giving graduating seniors a chance to wear a cap and gown and celebrate their high school achievements. Each parent presents their own student with a diploma from their home school.

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