Schedule Selection

Welcome to 2017-18 Schedule Selection

Before you begin, please carefully read and download the following documents from the 2017-18 Classes Offered  page of our website:

  • Class Grid for the site you will be attending
  • APEX Course Catalog
  • Student Schedule Selection Worksheet

 Click your APEX Site to get started!


If you wish to select a class that is currently marked as “full” on the class grid, you may select that class as your FIRST choice class. Please be sure to select a class that is NOT listed as “full” as your alternate. Your child will be placed in your alternate and added to the wait list for the full class.

Most class selection is done first come/first served. However, sometimes we have to make choices to lessen the grade range of  class or offer a spot to a student who would not have access to that class the following year instead. Parents will always be contacted if a student is placed in an alternate class and that student will be added to the wait list for that class. Quite often, we are able to offer students on a wait list for their first choice classes a spot.


Please carefully check our course grid and select classes that are in your child’s grade range. If your student is NOT in this grade range, you must request permission to enroll in the class. Students out of the grade range will only be given a spot in the class after all students in the grade range or by special permission from the Program Director. Some classes are NOT available to be taken out of grade range, even by request, and middle schoolers cannot get high school credit for taking high school classes before the 9th grade.


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