Meet the Teachers at APEX

Meet the Teachers at APEX!

All our teachers are certified, licensed teachers in the state of Colorado and are highly qualified in the subject area they teach. But best of all – they love teaching and love kids. We specifically look for teachers that are passionate, creative, and enthusiastic about teaching their subject area. Our teachers provide on-site instruction one day per week and, based on which classes you choose to take, provide homework assignments, communication and support to you as a homeschool family .

Click on a name below to go to that teacher’s page:

Allen, Michelle
Atkinson, Sharon
Austin, Diana
Bishop, Kelly
Brown, Catherine
Buckner, Karin
Campie, Meredith
Carter, Angela
Chandler, Talise
Cox-Robie, Shelly
Criswell, Meridith
Crosman, Rhonda
Davis, Michelle
Foster, Teri
Franke, Ann
Fritsche, Carrianna
Hook, Beth
Jacobucci, Carrie
Kofford, Denise
LeCuyer, Linsdey
LeFevre, Sara
Leggett, Jacqueline
Marx-Swatfigure, Elizabeth
McCotter, Blair
Mitchell, Carrie
Morrison, Shawneen
Narayanswamy, Usha
Oien, Amy
Rosebrock, JoAnn
Simmons, Julie
Steven, Susan
Udovich, Chris
Webb, Jennifer
Wilson, Bobbi


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